Online French Classes in India

French Classes in India


The French language is a Romance language that originated in Northern France from a family of languages called Gallo-Romance. The region of France was originally inhabited by Celtic-speaking folk referred to as Gauls by the Roman empire. Even though much of the French roots can be traced to Latin, the Gaulish language has certainly influenced it and we can see a lot of it in modern French. With the expansion of French territory across the world, there have been numerous derivatives of French which are spoken in various places. French is the official language in more than 29 countries. The prominent regions which speak French include France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland and the US (Louisiana, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont). Approximately one fifth of the Europeans speak French as their second language. During the 16th century, French spread to regions like Algeria, Mauritius, Gabon, and Senegal.


How important is French?

Since French as a language has been widespread across different cultures, it has found a place as one of the most important languages in diplomatic settings. This includes being an official language of the United Nations, the NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the European Union, the World Trade Organization to name a few.

It also is a very popular judicial language in quite a few international and local justice bodies. French is widely taught in prestigious universities around the world and has been one of the prominent languages for academic and professional literature. There have been world renowned French authors who were exemplary in their field and gave us beautiful pieces of French Training literature that have been translated and read by the rest of the world. Authors like Jules Verne, Victor Hugo, Marcel Proust and Alexandre Dumas have been immortalized by their work.


French as a language

When English speaking people generally start learning French, they tend to find a lot of similar words, this is due to the fact that many French and English words have common roots and sometimes, English words are derived from their French counterpart. If you find English not phonetic, good luck with French! French uses the same alphabet, however, there is a significant difference in what letters are silent and what letters have the different pronunciation in different context. Given the similar script and words, French is fairly easy to learn with the help of French Class in India. It would, however, take a while to get the sounds right.


Learning French

There are many online resources available for French. There are quite a few language learning apps and it would be shocking if one couldn’t find French in it. However, these go only a small way. To take a serious leap, you should consider a proper institution for French Classes in India. The beginner level of French involves recognizing and using familiar words and simple phrases for daily communication. The elementary level involves understanding more phrases and common expressions used locally and globally which are required for accomplishing tasks. The intermediate level includes the ability to make a speech and the ability to handle any situation in French, this will involve a lot of vocabulary and grammar building exercises.

The Upper Intermediate level focuses on absorbing more complex passages and easily perusing French books. It will ensure that you can speak with great clarity of thought. This comes with practicing to think in the language. The Advanced level gets all the pronunciation right and you could easily pull off as a native! The master level is when you can write prose and make poetry and understand all finer shades and nuances of words and phrases.There are many institutes offers French Language Classes in India  With this mastery, you can manage in any situation – events that demand great oral or visual understanding of complex or literary French. Imagine reading Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Voltaire with great elegance!

Initial levels can be easily acquired by Apps or resources, but when you want to increase your fluency, you have to resort to the experts and these are generally native speakers. You can also learn the language specific to your purpose, based on whether you want to visit a French speaking country, or study or work in it join French Course in India. Learning from native speakers who are highly qualified in the Language’s literature will enable you to imbibe techniques and ideas which will prove to be a shortcut to your endeavor.