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Multibhashi Spanish Classes


Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world.

It is an official or national language in over 20 countries and the number of native Spanish speakers worldwide is a whopping 475 million!

Do you want to learn and Speak Spanish from the comfort of your home? Multibhashi helps you to Learn Spanish Language On line from Globally recognised Spanish language experts through live online classes.

We use a holistic approach through which the course is learnt well and quick enough to be used in everyday situations within a few days of the commencement of the course. A self evaluation checklist will be provided which will help you understand your result of progress on necessary parameters. A certification of completion will also be provided at the end of the course.


Course and Curriculum and Syllabus

  • Spanish Basics – In this topic, you will get acquainted with the beauty of Spanish language. You will learn some basic, interesting Spanish words and sounds. You will get a clear idea about what all your course covers.
  • Greeting – In the topic ‘Greetings’, you will learn some basic greetings in the Spanish language. How to greet people on various occasions and express yourself comprises this topic. Correct expressions are so important to make a good impression! You will learn them along with their meanings, differences, etc.
  • Short Self Introduction – Here, you will learn how to give your basic introduction in Spanish using simple vocabulary. Sentences such as ‘I am …, I live in …, I work at …’ will be covered. You will be able to strike basic conversation in Spanish with anyone.
  • Alphabets – The Spanish alphabet is taught thoroughly so as to begin with the development of your Spanish writing skills. The letters, syllables in words, their sounds, etc. will be covered in depth in this topic.
  • Noun – Types of nouns in Spanish are taught and explained thoroughly. You will learn how to use nouns correctly and how to connect them with the rest of the sentence. Understanding nouns well is essential to understand how to use pronouns and verbs, as well.

Why Multibhashi Spanish Classes ?

  • Personal Mentoring
  • Flexible Timing
  • Access to Online Notes
  • Globally Certified Spanish experts


Course Completion Certification


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